Do It Yourself Divorce

There are a plethora of do-it-yourself divorce resources available online and in stores. These resources are targeted at couples attempting to achieve their divorce without the use of attorneys. Most if not all provide general information and fill-in-the-blank forms to filed with the court.

While this option may be inexpensive, it is no substitute for the benefit of professional legal advice. There can be serious legal and financial consequences to decisions regarding child support; spousal maintenance; and division of assets, debts and real property. It may be the case that additional documentation and court filings are required to effectuate the terms of your do-it-yourself divorce settlement with regard to real property and retirement accounts once the court issues a divorce decree.

If this is the route you ultimately choose, you are strongly advised to have a licensed attorney review the final document so you fully understand the consequences of what you are agreeing to and to ensure you are aware of any post-decree steps required to effectuate your divorce settlement. Once a divorce is filed, it is extremely difficult to modify a final divorce decree.

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